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2013-2018 KCPE Religious Studies -CRE- past papers

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Why Revision Centre?

Based on the increasing demand to enable the young generation to develop digital competency in order to adapt to the information age of today. It is for this reason that 3RD Party Learning seeks to develop a digital education platform (Revision Centre) that avails digital learning in support of our young learners. We are all about advancing the learning abilities of learners in:

  • Recognizing and identifying specific information found in (maps, tables, charts, drawings, graphs…),
  • Comparing and contrasting people, places, and events,
  • Propose solutions, make connections, and recognize misconceptions and,
  • Analyze and synthesize information from multiple sources

What is Digital Education?

Digital education is the innovative use of digital tools and technologies during teaching and learning, and is often referred to as Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) or e-Learning. Exploring the use of digital technologies gives educators the opportunity to design engaging learning opportunities in the courses they teach, and these can take the form of blended or fully online courses and programmes.

How does our digital platform work?

  • Before you purchase a course

The learner/sponsor can be able to see and read the contents of the course under the heading titled Curriculum to get an overview of what shall be covered.

  • After purchase of a course

The learner/sponsor can see more details of the assignment, can access task and assignments and he or she can add their own answer and submit the digital paper for automatic grading.

  • After grading

The learner/sponsor can check the grade in the course or they could also access it from their e-mail as indicated on the digital paper.

How does our digital content look like?

You can experience the platform by sampling one of our free courses, we have packaged the material in two ways; 1) a set of the assessment as per the examination requirements, and 2) clustered by subject.


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