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Who We Are

To facilitate learners to create a competitive advantage by converting insights from their evaluation into action.

We exist to supply sufficient motivation and propulsion to change behaviors and drive performance to a higher level.

  • Curiosity
  • Integrity
  • Open minded
  • Oneness

We believe that in delivering digital learning content, we shall help
reduce deforestation by saving on paper, save commute time and other
associated costs of both learners and instructors and also free
instructors from marking and analytics of assessments hence putting more
time on their hands for research and meaningful engagement with

What We Do

Revision Centre offers an intuitive, social and online interface that learners love. Our platform is perfect for hard-to-engage learners of any age. We believe training should drive results. Smarter learners lead to smarter societies. Revision Centre is designed with the instructor and the learner, at the center.

The Centre’s user friendly social content management system allows you to store, curate and share content. It is a unified repository for files and web resources.

Are your training materials in ten different formats? No problem. We have invested in the use cutting-edge tools to add a web resource to your training library. You can access Content on any of your gadgets (PC, Laptop, Mobile phone or Tablet). Our resources are accessible from many of your favorite sites, web resources (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more) with a click of a button.

Today’s learners don’t like reading manually printed material. They want to be engaged, interact in real time and have fun while learning on any device.

A powerful Online Social Forum enables you to create small communities for any topic to stimulate communication, file sharing and collaboration among peers. The built-in gamification system lets you turn on leader boards, unlock badges and award your own certificates.

Drive Team Building with Groups

  • Create groups around different topics where employees can share ideas, content and collaborate
  • Real time notifications about updates and conversations of group members
  • Leverage discussion boards to facilitate conversations among the group members

Revision Centre’s innovative skills and performance management system allows you
to combine manual assessments conducted by tutors and automated assessments performed by the system based on learners’ online training

An intelligent algorithm ranks learners on assignments and assessments based on different factors. Discover your strengths and areas of difficulty, find the right learning mode for you.

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